KemperSports offers partner clients a uniquely dedicated & distinctly different approach to property management

kempersportsAfter nearly four decades of golf industry expertise in developing and managing a broad range of private clubs, golf resorts, public golf courses and municipal golf courses, it has never been easier to see why KemperSports is a trusted business partner. KemperSports also continues to grow its reach, having expanded its management expertise to include conference centers, lodging operations and recreational facilities.

The KemperSports team works closely in partnership with each of its clients to support the day-to-day operations at each of its managed facilities. Clients, including but not limited to, mayors, city managers, business owners, country club members and business professionals, have sought out KemperSports’ expertise and keen vision for what makes golf great. After all, the company firmly stands behind its motto – Uniquely Dedicated. Distinctly Different. Custom Property Management – and strives to deliver best in class experiences for all customers on a daily basis.

KemperSports was founded in 1978 by James Kemper, Jr. and Steven H. Lesnik, and quickly went to work in developing Kemper Lakes Golf Course in Long Grove, Illinois. Kemper Lakes received national acclaim as the host of the 1989 PGA Championship, the first public access course to do so in the history of the event. This national recognition in hosting this premier event solidified KemperSports’ reputation as a company with a clear vision for the future of golf.

Today, the family-owned business based in Northbrook, Illinois, employs approximately 6,500 staff members with regional offices in five states across the country. Moreover, the company currently manages more top-100 facilities than any other management company in the industry. The company’s award-winning portfolio includes nationally-ranked courses and tournament venues such as Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, named the No. 1 Golf Resort in North America by Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine; The Glen Club; Desert Willow Golf Resort; Harbor Shores, site of the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship in 2018; and Chambers Bay, host of the 2010 U.S. Amateur and the 2015 U.S. Open. Customized management solutions that give clients the ability to meet their unique on-site demands is one of the many reasons why KemperSports has been able to achieve such success for its clients.

The path to creating national-ranked courses and tournament venues, associated on-site amenities and desirable events is truly a partnership between KemperSports and the various clients that the company works with on a regular basis. Additionally, all KemperSports staff members are trained in “True Service,” the company’s proprietary and one-of-a-kind service program that provides the foundation for KemperSports properties to stand out in their markets, differentiating the customer experience. By identifying individual needs and areas for improvement, KemperSports develops a specific action plan to optimize operations at each of its facilities. The intense focus on meeting customer needs through continuous improvements allows each KemperSports property to offer a superb customer experience. With a wide array of management services such as pre-development consulting, marketing and technology expertise, budget oversight and construction management (to name a few), KemperSports provides customized solutions to meet every client’s individual needs and ensures operational excellence at each facility.